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Iraq - North Africa

We Provide all Our Services in middle east and Africa

Drilling Services

Supply Drilling Tools

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. Tubular Handing Services.
. Casing Cold Cutter.
. High Torque Wrenches & Nut Splitter.
. Casing Fill Up & Circulating Packers .
. Non Rotating Protector (NRP).
. Hot Welding Services
. Pressure Test Services.
. Ultra High Pressure Pump.
. Down Hole Drilling Equipment.
. Reamers And Stabilizers.
. Double Action Drilling.

Water Well Drilling Services

The company makes the consulting , the studies , achieve and design the (desalination and drinking water treatments stations) for all needs and productivities and drill the water wells and supply the depth pumps and solar energy pumps Part of our company specialized in the field of water and environment and we have experience in this part, which includes a team of administrators, consultants and engineers the highest level of efficiency .

Department of water well drilling

(1) The Company drill water wells with depths up to 1500 meters .
(2) supply and install depth pumps and all its includes and needs
(3) Supply water pipes with all diameters (iron and plastic).
(4) supply and install solar power pumps.


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storage tank inspection Tanks Services
Pipeline Inspection Pipeline Services
Advanced NDT Equipment Coming Soon
Explosion Proof Ins. EX Services
Dropped Object Surveys Drops Services
Calibration And Testing Calibration Services
Tubular inspection Inspection Services
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